Book six sessions and save £55!





Do you think counselling is an expensive luxury that you cannot afford?

Are you on a long waiting list and feeling like it will never be your turn?


Have you have been putting off seeking a counsellor?

Then now is the time to take that step and book your counselling sessions.


We all need help at some times in our lives and while the cost of living goes up and wages stay the same, Calm Harbour is pleased to be able to offer AFFORDABLE counselling.


Take advantage of our special offer– 6 counselling sessions for £185.00, that is just over £30 per session. A saving of £55.00 (This offer does not include home visits).

***Payment for the 6 sessions is in advance, offers no refunds for cancellations and all sessions should be used within a three month period - the 6 sessions are 'banked' for you to use as you prefer.***





















(Image courtesy of Phil West, with thanks.)